“Skills to Pay the Bills” is a group based learning program that covers the soft skills that are required for workplace success.  The groups may be composed of 6 to 12 youth ranging in ages from 14 to 24 years of age or separate adult groups.  Smaller groups or individual sessions may be done on a case by case situation if needed and authorized by payee.  There are 6 main topics that are covered in the “Skills to Pay the Bills” program, these topics include:  Communication, Enthusiasm and Attitude, Teamwork, Networking, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking and Professionalism.  During each session participants will be guided through a variety of learning activities both hands on and modular group participation activities.  In the youth group, sessions will be a minimum duration of one hour per session and the adult sessions will be approximately 2 hours long.  Upon completion of the ”Skills to Pay the Bills” program the participants will have a greater understanding of how to effectively communicate with workplace supervisors and co-workers in order to ensure a successful job placement in their workplace and in their community.