CEO Message

Kristin Frane, CEO

Kristin Frane, CEO

Meaningful work is one of the most important services we provide daily to our participants with the ultimate goal being community employment.    We are very fortunate to have a variety of work projects available, but we are always looking for more contracts.  We are in direct competition with for-profit companies to secure these jobs for our participants.  In order to secure jobs we must have competitive pricing, maintain a high standard of quality control, and complete projects in a timely manner.   The ability to work is very important to every individual.  All individuals like to earn a paycheck, increase their independence and gives meaning to our lives.  We are grateful for the many companies who have supported our mission and allowed our participants to become a part of their workforce.

Our 150 consumers/employees depend on us to ensure that they live as independently as possible.  Every step towards independence is a step towards the daily freedoms that we take for granted.  Whether it’s a shopping trip in the community or a paycheck every two weeks, we know that we provide a valuable service to those that we serve.

Thank-you to the staff at Ventures and the Board of Directors for the tremendous support and guidance to help us support our mission of “assisting people in obtaining development, personal, independence, and employment goals in both facility-based and community-based work settings.”

~Kristin Frane, CEO~