Project SEARCH is a trademarked and copyrighted model of employment training for students and young adults with disabilities in their last year of high school and up to the age of 24.  Students are immersed in a business environment five days per week, where they learn a variety of job skills during three ten-week internship rotations, as well as, employability skills through classroom training.  The host business for our program is Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Program success is measured by the number of interns who obtain year-round competitive employment in an integrated setting within one year of completing their internships, for 16 or more hours per week at minimum wage or higher.

Project SEARCH offers:

  • Full immersion in a business environment with leadership from a department mentor
  • Competitive, transferable, and marketable job skills
  • Increased independence, confidence and self esteem
  • Individualized coaching and feedback
  • Classroom instruction from a special education instructor
  • Connections to adult service agencies
  • Career exploration with a ready-to-send resume
  • Access to DVR employment services