Ventures Unlimited, Inc. mission is to provide innovated services for individuals with disabilities so they may lead meaningful lives.

Value Statements

  1. Opportunities create the possibility for growth and empowerment; therefore, all people have the right to equal opportunities – to experience or withdraw, to succeed or fail – with their decision being respected.
  2. Our success depends on valuing and practicing inclusion and integration in the community.
  3. All people have the right to choose the goals in their life.
  4. All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  5. All people have a responsibility to express their needs with the security of knowing they will be heard and that we will advocate for those who cannot communicate on their own.
  6. We select and value dedicated, qualified staff and board members who believe in the philosophy of Ventures Unlimited, Inc.
  7. We strive to create an atmosphere of creativity and teamwork.
  8. All people are unique, with their own abilities.
  9. We challenge ourselves to change.
  10. We are dedicated to seek out resources to satisfy our mission.