Healthy employees are happy employees.  To help promote a healthy, full life Ventures Unlimited offers a range of Life Skills and Personal Enrichment support programming to compliment vocational goals.  Individual and group activities are developed based on input and surveys of employee interests, hobbies, and unmet social needs.  The programs are designed to meet individual support needs in a dynamic and responsive manner.  A sample of options include:

  • Wellness and Fitness-led by a licensed personal trainer
  • Money Management Skills-taught by a banking professional
  • Healthy cooking on a Budget-for those living independently
  • Life Sports-Golf, Tennis Bowling, Fishing and more
  • Nature Appreciation-Hiking, Birdwatching, Photography
  • News, Current Events, and Advocacy Discussion Groups
  • Book Clubs and Reading Groups
  • Movie and Music Appreciation
  • Area Cultural History and Immersion
  • Equine Encounters-Horse Care, training, and experiences
  • Garden Club-Indoor and Outdoor plant care and maintenance
  • Volunteer Groups-Humane Society, Senior Center, and other

Active, well-rounded lifestyles are proven to positively affect employee attitudes and performance.  Ventures Unlimited is committed to supporting individual interests and outcomes with creative, tailored recreational and educational programs.

Promoting active, well-rounded lifestyles!