The Daily Living Skills Program provides services to adults with various developmental disabilities who have adequate motor and adaptive skills to train for life skills in a closely supervised and structured setting. The Program is designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals and promote personal growth in maximizing functional ability, independence, and exposure to real life activities.

Ventures realizes that not everything is about goals and programs.  Some individuals need a quiet, comfortable place where they come and relax, visit with co-workers and get away.  With the Daily Living Skills Program, there is an area of comfort with reclining chairs, a big screen tv and a Wii for relaxation.

Striving to enjoy greater independenceThe Daily Living Skills Program can be customized for the individual to receive specific skills and social training. Areas of support may include a variety of personal care tasks based on the individuals needs such as grooming, mouth care, personal hygiene and dressing. Another segment of living skills program will include grocery shopping, meal preparation, washing dishes, putting away dishes, general cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming and learning how to do laundry. In the Daily Living Skills Program, the primary focus is to participate in and build on those meaningful and necessary activities that will allow a person to reach their personal goals and enjoy greater independence in their life. Semi-annually, or if a major change has occurred, a staffing is held with all concerned parties to review or revise the training plan. A variety of field trips, community activities, and learning opportunities are on the monthly calendar.

Training for life skills

Enhancing emotional, personal, and social development


  1. To provide a fun, meaningful, safe and structured environment that can be adapted to the changing needs of the individual, offering choices and guidance.
  2. To provide a broad array of living skill training activities to enrich the person’s quality of life.
  3. To train and build upon authentic daily living experiences while promoting basic work habits, appropriate behavior, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility.
  4. To enhance emotional, personal, and social development.
  5. To open opportunities to learn new skills or to increase existing skills.
  6. To prepare the individual for independent participation in life skills and life events.
  7. To introduce individuals to structured activity with work as another goal.